Protecting Your Asphalt with Seal Coating Services
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Protecting Your Asphalt with Seal Coating Services

June 19, 2019

The appeal of freshly paved asphalt is undeniable. The entire surface is jet black and smooth, free of cracks and potholes or anything else to mar its appearance. Whether it’s a driveway, parking lot or road, it’s a look worth preserving.

Unfortunately, as soon as your asphalt cures, the elements will start to go to work on it. In just a few short years, even the best-laid asphalt can develop harsh cracks and divots. That’s why seal coating services are so important! Seal coating protects your beautiful asphalt surfaces from all the detractors that will weigh on it, including:

  • Sunlight: UV light is a huge problem for asphalt over time. Because asphalt is black, it absorbs UV light, which dehydrates it to an extreme degree. Over time, this makes the surface more brittle, which leads to cracking and crumbling. It’s made even worse by heavy traffic driving over the surface, which speeds up the cratering process.
  • Rain: While UV light will dry out asphalt, excessive rain will also destroy it. Rainwater seeps down into cracks in the surface, causing all sorts of mayhem. In the cooler months it can freeze, deepening cracks in the asphalt. In the summer, it may seep all the way down to the soil, causing shifting in the base.
  • Oils and grease: In more heavily trafficked areas, vehicles can leak all sorts of oils and fluids onto the surface of asphalt, including motor oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant. Not only can these substances affect the surface, they’ll also seep down into cracks and cause damage to the foundational stability of the asphalt.
  • Wear: Every vehicle driving over the surface of your asphalt puts thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch on it. Normally, the asphalt will hold up. However, if other detractors like UV light and instability caused by rain have affected the asphalt, it’ll quickly succumb to the pressure of wear.

No matter how well you take care of your asphalt, these detractors will always be present. Seal coating protects against all of them.

Seal coating services apply a layer of resin over the entire surface of the asphalt. This resin cures into an invisible, non-permeable barrier that seals your asphalt against the major factors working hard to damage it every day! It keeps rain and oils out by stopping cracks from forming due to dehydration. It also improves the resilience of the asphalt’s surface to better withstand constant wear and tear from vehicles.
Perhaps the best part of seal coating is how well it preserves the integrity of your asphalt’s appeal! After seal coating, your surface will retain that jet-black façade for years to come, along with a glossy sheen that shows you the seal coat is working hard.

Seal coating is a must-have finishing application for any asphalt surface that’s going to be exposed to lots of sun or heavy wear. It can even help preserve striping and markings for a beautiful finish that leaves your surface looking flawless for the long term.

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