Chip Sealing Services in Argillite, KY

Tired of driving with rocky, unmanageable roads? Call in a paving expert to assist. K.O. Asphalt provides the best chip sealing services in Kentucky. Whether you need an entire road sealed, or just require touch-ups in certain areas, we’re ready for the job ahead.

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Our business provides free estimates for every project. After more than 25 years in the asphalt industry, our professionals can assess the needs of any site location. Many clients choose to hire us for chip sealing services in Argillite, Greenup County, and Hopewell, KY for the following reasons and more:

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Chip Sealing Services
  • Affordable cost:

    Chip seal pavement is an affordable alternative to full asphalt pavement projects. If you have existing road base work, but want to create a smoother driving surface, chip sealing services are an ideal, cost-effective option.

  • Long lasting:

    By placing a layer of asphalt over the surface of your road, it creates a durable seal. Depending on the level of use and traffic flow, chip sealed roads can last for years. The specialists at K.O. Asphalt can evaluate the specific needs of your project and provide excellent and long-lasting chip seal solutions.

  • Convenient & versatile:

    By choosing a chip seal in Kentucky, you’re investing in a convenient and effective way of improving any surface. As a highly versatile solution, chip seal works for a wide range of roads including rural roads, driveways and parking spaces. The benefits of chip seal are broad, including minimizing damage from loose gravel and reducing noise on roads.

Chip Sealing

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